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Partners wants more partners and that’s not necessarily good. The $8 billion healthcare behemoth has received approval from Attorney General to acquire four hospitals and add 600 physicians to its high-cost, dominant system. Under the agreement, Partners Healthcare would be able to raise its costs, which are already 40 percent higher than the average in the Commonwealth. The company says this is because the quality of care is the gold standard.
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Fresh from a re-election kick-off at the Sheraton Commander on June 12, Rep. Marjorie Decker is among the first Massachusetts legislators to be endorsed by MassEquality and NARAL. These groups join a number of organizations that have endorsed Decker early in the campaign season including Planned Parenthood, the AFL-CIO, the Boston Teacher’s Union, and the Sierra Club.
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It’s an issue that crops up at the State House every few years and has never been resolved: Should there be a law limiting the number of hospital patients under the care of a nurse at any given time?

This question is back before state lawmakers in this session but this year it may also be on the election ballot.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association says the cost of additional nurses could be offset by savings from better care.

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To raise awareness about more than 6,000 rare diseases

It's International Rare Disease Day. 22 News spoke
with state lawmakers about their efforts to raise awareness.

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The city of Cambridge is again considering using surveillance cameras. When we first looked at this issue as a community we decided the threats to our privacy and civil liberties outweighed the benefits. Back then we were discussing a limited number of cameras, supported by Homeland Security grants for the purpose of “monitoring evacuation routes.” Now, we are discussing placing cameras across the city — and our concerns remain the same.

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Thank you Eyes on Early Education for your support and leadership on this issue. I am excited to be working with organizations such as Early Education for All and Strategies for Children to ensure the youngest members of our community get the quality education they deserve.

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I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight to support City Sprouts. I know that your time and resources are precious with many worthy competing claims laid on both. I also want to congratulate Jane Hirshi and her team for having the dedication and commitment to ensure that for the last 12 years children throughout Cambridge have had the experience of literally touching the earth, nurturing food from seed to table, and learning firsthand about the source of the food they consume.

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By Bob Neer
Blue Mass Group

In a remarkable political story 13-year Cambridge City Councillor Marjorie Decker is poised to replace long-time progressive champion state representative Alice Wolf in Thursday’s primary vote for the 25th Middlesex district. Decker worked for Wolf as a legislative aid and campaign manager and has won her endorsement, as well as those of current Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis and former Cambridge Mayors Barbara Ackermann, Francis (Frank) Duehay, Kenneth Reeves, Sheila Russell, Anthony Galluccio, Michael A. Sullivan, E. Denise Simmons, and David Maher.

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As Printed in the Thursday August 23, 2012 edition of the Cambridge Chronicle.

By Marjorie Decker
and Drew Grande

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