What People Are Saying


"Marjorie has been a thoughtful and effective advocate for her constituents, working tirelessly on their behalf. I know she will bring that passion and dedication to Beacon Hill as a state representative. I have known Marjorie for years and I am happy to offer my support." - U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano

“What I treasure about Marjorie are her progressive values, passion, energy, street smarts and her persistence - -as our next State Representative, both our district and our state will be in good hands.

“…and as we all know, there is no one who will work harder on our behalf – no matter what the issue!” - State Representative Alice Wolf

"I appreciate Marjorie's leadership and understanding of issues that affect our public health, especially the wellbeing of our children. Cambridge will be lucky to have her representing us on Beacon Hill." - Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis

"As an early childhood advocate, I am continuously grateful for Marjorie's hard work and leadership. She reaches out, listens, understands the issues, and makes things happen! She has become an amazingly effective leader on behalf of our youngest children and their families. She knows that positive early experiences produce lifelong benefits -- to both individuals and society -- and what it takes to make sure all children get a promising start.

"Marjorie Decker is an amazingly effective leader on behalf of children and families. She knows what it takes to make sure that all our children get early experiences that prime them for success. I'm continually grateful for her hard work, thoughtful outreach, and strategic vision. Marjorie doesn't just support good ideas; she makes them happen!" - Betty Bardige, Ed.D., early childhood advocate, author of Talk to Me, Baby!

“No matter the complexity of the issue before our City Council, there is one person I can count on to grasp the detail and nuance, understand the pros and cons, and have the ability to persuade others to coalesce around a common goal that always benefits our community – that person is Marjorie Decker.

“I have served with Marjorie for many years.  I have come to respect and admire her passion and deep commitment to our community.  A  leader with a proven record of being able to build coalitions, Marjorie’s experience will be a huge benefit to us on Beacon Hill.” - David Maher, Cambridge City Councillor

"Unlike many elected officials, Marjorie Decker is always willing to stand up for what is right on social issues and do the right thing, because it is the right thing." - Betty Burkes & Cathy Hoffman, Community Peace Activists

“It is imperative to me to have representation  that I trust and on critical issues that help to distinguish Cambridge as an ideal community to raise a family – I trust Marjorie’s  values, judgment, and character with my vote! - Kevin Foster, Parent