Lawmakers express disappointment after Gov. Baker vetoes 'cap on kids' repeal

BOSTON (WWLP) - As part of this year's state budget, The House and Senate sent Governor Charlie Baker a proposal to lift the so-called "cap on kids."

But lawmakers last month rejected Baker's amendment to tag additional welfare reforms onto the repeal.

And while Baker said he does not oppose lifting the so-called "cap on kids," he had returned the bill to the Legislature asking them to approve additional changes to the way cash benefits are calculated.

In a letter to lawmaker's, Baker said, "eliminating the 'family cap' without making other accompanying changes...could have the unwanted effect of reducing incentives for [welfare] recipients to get back to work."

Baker proposed the inclusion of "S-S-I," a federal income disability program, for determining eligibility. But after lawmakers rejected his welfare reform proposal in late July, Baker decided to veto the bill, last Friday.

House Ways and Means Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez told 22News, the governor's amendment would cause 5,200 children to lose benefits, while another 2,100 would see their benefits substantially reduced.

Cambridge State Representative Marjorie Decker told 22News, the Legislature will try removing the cap again in January at the start of the next session.

At that time, they'd have the votes to override any veto.

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