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Marjorie has dedicated her career to public service. She served seven terms on the Cambridge City Council, where she was the youngest woman ever elected to the Council and was first elected to the Massachusetts State House in 2012.

Throughout her career she has been a fierce advocate for housing and homeless families, labor, early education, maternal health and anti-poverty efforts. She is a nationally recognized leader in the fight against gun violence, most recently authoring five pieces of legislation that became law in the Fall of 2023.


    "We are going to save lives" Rep. Decker is a nationally recognized leader in increasing gun safety and protections for the victims of gun violence. Recently, she had five bills adopted as part of the legislature’s “omnibus package” related to gun safety and spoke on the floor supporting the passage one of the most comprehensive firearms laws in the Commonwealth’s history. Sponsored the Massachusetts “Red Flag” Gun Bill which creates an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) order resulting in the immediate suspension and surrender of any license to carry firearms or firearm identification card the respondent holds, as well as the immediate surrender of all firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, weapons or ammunition which the respondent the controls, owns, or possesses. ERPOs last one year, emergency ERPOs 10 days. Invited to White House to celebrate passage of the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the most consequential piece of gun legislation passed in the last 30 years
    Climate change is an existential crisis that will require aggressive and coordinated efforts from governments around the world to mitigate. That’s why as State Rep, Marjorie Decker has made addressing this one of her top priorities Fought for provisions in the 2022 climate bill to make 100% of new car sales be electric by 2035, electrifying MBTA buses, removing subsidies for biomass energy facilities. Fought for higher renewable energy standards in the 2050 Roadmap bill, resulting in compromise language requiring our electricity grid to be powered by 40% renewable energy by 2030. Awarded 2019 Clean Water Action Legislative Champion Award Fought for increases in offshore wind investments and helped establish Massachusetts as a leader in new energy storage and research. Led House movement to divest public pensions from fossil fuel stocks.
    Secured $225,000 for the Cambridge Community Center in the last three budgets. $1 million for the Cambridge Birth Center and $1 million for the Cambridge Health Alliance Dental Center Increased personal property exemption in Cambridge from $10,000 to $20,000 Secured funding for Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program Secured $13.5 million for Cambridge specific infrastructure projects In 2013, advocated against the closure of the child psychiatric unit at the Cambridge Health Alliance. In 2022, CHA opened a new center for inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry as part of an extensive plan to expand its capacity to address critical need for acute psychiatric care.
    Rep. Decker is proud to be a strong pro-union supporter and an advocate for the rights of all workers. She has consistently received one of the highest labor voting records in the legislature during each of her six terms in office. Authored the 2020 law that bans use of eleven toxic flame retardants that are especially dangerous for firefighters, kids and pregnant people. Sponsored legislation requiring state-sponsored and subsidized contractors to participate in apprenticeship programs. Has fought multiple battles against privatization on behalf of Massachusetts unions. Has joined union members on picket lines and supports the right to organize.Supported legislation to create good-paying, sustainable jobs in renewable energy. Has spoken at rallies and events in support of university workers and graduate students.
    Secured millions to support the YWCA 2019 Beacon of Justice Award Winner from the Equal Justice Coalition Cambridge NAACP Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Leadership Award 2018 Advocate of the Year by the Greater Boston Food Bank Secured support to include the bill Rep. Decker filed that would require institutions of higher education to inform students of their right to pursue both on-campus and external legal avenues to justice in the event of an alleged sexual assault
    The Massachusetts Union of Public Housing Tenants awarded state Rep. Marjorie C. Decker its annual “Thelma Rogers Award” for her work in the Legislature and throughout her career in public service to expand access to safe, affordable public housing. Advocated for the repeal of the welfare cap Worked to increase the Earned Income Tax Credit Horizons for Homeless Children legislator of the year in 2016 Homes for Families "Big Cookie Award" advocate of the year (multiple years)
    Chair of Joint Committee on Public Health Rep Decker has been an ardent supporter of addressing maternal health issues and increasing visibility to the racial disparities in maternal healthcare. She was awarded the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health Spirit of Compassion Award in 2021 in recognition of her efforts to tackle the mental health crisis Authored a bill to eliminate red tape for those seeking step therapy Worked to strengthen bill on protecting women’s reproductive rights
    Rep. Decker is a leader in reforming the criminal justice system and ensuring everyone receives equal treatment under the law. In 2018, Rep. Decker’s bill language was adopted into law as part of the Criminal Justice Reform Act that allows juveniles to more easily expunge criminal records. Supported efforts to address the criminalization of poverty, cruel and antiquated sentencing and youth empowerment. Worked to repeal unfair mandatory minimum requirements. Helped ensure a defendant’s financial resources are considered in bail sentencing.
Healthcare Access
Tackling Climate Change
Delivering for Cambridge
Labor Rights
Social Justice
Addressing Homelessness
Criminal Justice Reform
Gun Safety
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Dignity Alliance Massachusetts: Outstanding Dignity Legislator

June 2022

Massachusetts Association for Mental Health Spirit of Compassion Award

October 13, 2021

Mental Health America Legislative Champion:

honored as one of two Legislators in the nation with the Legislative Champion award for championing access to treatment and support for mental health

July 28, 2021

Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance (MOVA) Legislator of the Year 

April 7, 2020 & April 16, 2021

Massachusetts Coalition for Addiction Services Certificate of Appreciation

September 23, 2020

American Heart/Cancer in honor of your legislative success protecting Adolescents and Youth

March 16, 2020

Women’s Bar Association 2020 Public Official of the Year:

Awarded for work on Lift the Cap and Civil Legal Aid funding in the state budget.

February 24, 2020

Cambridge NAACP Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Leadership Award. 


Equal Justice Coalition Beacon of Justice Award:

Awarded for leadership and significant support of state funding for civil legal aid through the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation.

November 12, 2019

Stop Handgun Violence Award: Honored for on ERPO and the crime gun data bill

Oct. 24, 2019

YWCA Cambridge Tribute to Outstanding Women, Honorary Committee 2019

October 17, 2019

Emerge Legislative Leadership in Domestic Violence Award

June 27, 2019

Police Assistance Addiction Recovery initiative (PAARI) Government and Community Leadership award: 

recognizing dedication and leadership on local and national impact creating non-arrest pathways to treatment and recovery

June 26, 2019

Clean Water Action Legislative Champion Award:

for working on behalf of children and firefighters by working to ban 11 toxic flame retardants from children’s products, bedding, household furniture, carpeting, and window coverings.

May 22, 2019

Phillips Brooks House Association SUP Impact Award:

for being an advocate for housing and homeless families, labor, early education, and anti-poverty efforts throughout her career. 

April 16, 2019

Greater Boston Food Bank Public Advocate of the Year

March 10, 2016

Massachusetts Union of Public Housing Tenants Thelma Rogers Award:

April 30, 2016

Riverside Community Care: Certificate of Appreciation

For her commitment to prevent domestic violence homicides in the Cambridge community

April 29, 2013

Cambridge YMCA 2013 Tribute Honoree


Crittenton Women's Union Certificate of Appreciation:

In recognition of her unwavering support of low-income women as they strive for economic independence

May 21, 2013

Massachusetts Nurses Association Freshman Legislator of the Year Award

October 9, 2013

Massachusetts AFL-CIO Municipal Government Leadership Award:

For a remarkable career in leading and advocating with passion and enthusiasm for working families

Transition House: Hero award

In honor of your vision and plan to reimagine how a community collectively approached Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 

Horizons for Homeless Children

legislator of the year

Homes for Families "Big Cookie Award"

(advocate of the year)

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